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19 April 2017 om 10:39


17 April 2017

The third and final series of the GP Aalsmeer over 9 races was sailed during the Easter Weekend. Fresh Polar air blew in form the North Sea with an occasional shower and rather shifty and gusty winds. Is was not easy to anticipate the best side of the coarse.

BEL 80 ( Ben van Cauwenbergh, Steven Vermeire and Dries van den Abbeele) was the winner of the first series. GBR 770 (the Brown Family from the RCYC at Burnham-on-Crouch) dis win the second series.  NED 422 with Jan, Olivier and Dominic Bakker did win the third series.

For the overall score of the GP Aalsmeer after 18 races, NED 422 won the silver ‘Cor Groot Trophy’ , a historic silver cup of the Dutch Dragon Fleet since 1939.

Team BEL 80 winning a well deserved overall 2nd place

During the Easter Races the team GBR 422 (sailed by Dmitri Bodarenko, Vadim Stacenko and Alexsander Shagalin) were following the Bakker’s closely, scoring a 2nd place for the third series. Team NED 1 of Ronald Pfeiffer and his sons Oscar and Diederik sailed also an impressive serie, finishing 3rd.

Team NED 1 scored very well during the three weekends, including a 3rd place during the final series.

Looking back at this spring time Grade 2 Event to kick off the 2017 series of the Dutch Dragon Class, the conclusion is that with a total of 24 participants from Belgium, Germany, Great Britan, Estonia, Russia and The Netherlands, it was a great international Event with all kind of weather, winds and consequent races. The fleet will now move on to Muiden for four weekends racing at the IJsselmeer to get accustomed to choppy waves which will most certainly be present during the Dutch Open 7 – 10 September 2017 from Muiden.

Results of the Easter Weekend and final series of the GP Aalsmeer

9 April 2017

Saturday was a day for those who love to peddle with no wind at all. Many crew members enjoyed a relaxed afternoon on the fore deck in the sun, waiting for wind to come.  The Race Officer called it a day after two hours waiting for the sea breeze which – unfortunately- did not arrive.

The forecast for Sunday was more in line what Dragon sailors in northern regions love to see in the beginning of the season. Blue skies, over 20 C and a light breeze. Given those conditions the Westeinder Lake has special promisses, which was proved by NED 375 in race 2. Rounding the gate as no. 11 they went left where the whole fleet went right. They delivered a score which positioned this (light weight) team as 2nd of the serie. It is said that this team has found the soft spot or whatever spot of the NED 375, whatever this spot may be and where….

 Happy team NED 375 : 2nd Prize

The Brown family (GBR 770) raced again a solid serie with a 3-2-9 score. A great result with a first place overall for our friends from Burnham. Team BEL 80 also sailed in the leading pack with a 2-5-7, which was 2 points better than the Bakker team ( 12-3-1)

 Winning team of the second series: GBR 770

After two series team BEL 80 is still leading the GP Aalsmeer series with 25 points overall. NED 422 in second place with 32 points overall, followed by team GBR 770 with 53 points overall.

 Will BEL 80 win the Cor Groot Trophy ?

Next weekend (Easter) will be the final serie of a real ‘warming up’ for the series to come in 2017. The classic Dragon Silver ‘Cor Groot’ Cup from 1939 will be the trophy to forster during 2017 for the winner of this international spring time GP in Holland.

For those Dragon friends who feel tempted to join the final serie: don’t hesistate and join the fleet in Aalsmeer. Registration under Racing on this website remains possible.

More pictures of 9 April with many thanks to Nel van de Meyden en Theo van Mierlo, members of the RC.

26 maart 2017

Team BEL 80 (Ben van Cauwenbergh, Steven Vermeire and Siebe de Boo) winners of the first serie Grand Prix Aalsmeer. Team Bakker (NED 422) showed stronger performance on day 2 and scored a 2nd place overall. The Brown family (GBR 770) got more accustomed to the fresh north-easterly wind with accelerations at the shores of the Westeinder Lake and hit the Jack Pot in the final race. With NED 300 (Michiel van Dis, Wouter van Dis and Jeroen Burks) also on a score of 23 points, the GBR 770 took the podium, given their win in the final race.

BEL 80 wint eerste serie Aalsmeer 2017  Winners Team BEL 80 Steven Vermeire, Ben van Cauwenbergh and Siebe de Boo

It were 2 days of superb spring time sailing and racing. Sunny and blue skies on Saturday with a nice but chilly rather strong breeze from the north. Overcast on Sunday and a bit lighter airs. And an empty lake for the 17 Dragons and 5 Solings.

Aalsmeer 2017-1


After the first race day the terras of the WV Aalsmeer was crowded as during a warm summer afternoon.

Aalsmeer 25 maart 2017

Aalsmeer 25 maart

There is a saying in Holland: “Thuisblijvers hebben altijd ongelijk”

(Those who stay at home will miss the boat)

We hope to see more boats in Aalsmeer for the next two series ( 8-9 April / 15-16-17 April)

Registration still possible. Go to “RACING” on this website.