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17 July 2017 om 08:28
18 juni 2017 om 13:15


The GP Stad Enkhuizen, or the replica of the Santa Maria in Silver, has been won by team NED 422 ( Jan Bakker, Olivier Bakker and Dominic Bakker)

During four series in Muiden, this team scored a total of 45 point, where the winner of the final series, Team NED 345 ( Reinier Wissenraet, Pim ten Harmsen van der Beek and Marc Reijnhoudt) stayed ahead of NED 422 with 1 point. Not sufficient to close the gap of 11 points. However, also a very good performance by this steady sailing and highly experienced team.

Team NED 300 ( Michiel van Dis, Wouter van Dis and Jeroen Burks) became 3rd overall after four series.

In total 29 team participated during the four series. Good old Frank van Beuningen participated only during the final series. He once again scored in the top five. The new team NED 339 ,who normaly sail only local races at lake De Kaag, showed up as well to test their performance with the top of the fleet. This enthousiatic team battled in the back field with the steady improving team NED 330. It is great that those two teams have already registered to participate during the Gold Cup 2017 in Saint Tropez.


The winners of serie Four : NED 345   The overall winners : NED 422


NED 422 sailing home for the Santa Maria                     Evelyne Bakker supporting her three men, assisted by Heike Blok


Battles in the mid field






In 1940 Dutch Olympic 6 mtr class Yachtsman Ernst Moltzer stimulated the Dutch Dragon Class to race on open water from Muiden, providing a serious silver cup for the winner of an international regatta, the Ernst Moltzer Trophy. This trophy was won twice after three years of consequent wins. The last winner, European Dragon Class Champion 1979 Ed Frech, treasured this trophy since 1977. At the occasion of the 80 th anniversary of the Dutch Dragon Class in 2016  the trophy was returned to the class for the winner of an international regatta sailed from Muiden, starting again in the season 2017.

Muiden Dragon Fleet Captain Philip de Koning Gans highlights the history of the  Ernst Moltzer Trophy

Jan Bakker, with his sons Olivier and Dominic, the proud winner of the Ernst Moltzer Trophy 2017 . It was memorised by Philip de Koning Gans that (grand)pa Siep Bakker was the winner of this trophy in 1953. 

During the weekend of Ascuncion in total 15 Dragon teams raced under superb summer conditions at the IJsselmeer near Muiden. Blue skies, temps around 25 C and  winds varying per day from 2 knots to gusts up to 20 knots. The often very close (match) racing between NED 345 ( Team Wissenraet) and NED 422 ( Team Jan Bakker & Sons) was won with an impressive score by team Bakker in their NED 422. Team NED 300 became 3rd overall.

Team NED 345 second after a couple of very close races with NED 422

Team NED 300 3rd overall

The NW European Division of the Star Class was racing at the same course with starts 10 minutes after the Dragons. It was great to see so many Masters, senior Masters and other qualified sailors from the Star Class mixing with the Dragon sailors and fleet.

Well done, Race Officer Hein Nanninga and the volunteers from the RNLYC , to provide three days of excellent racing.

Well done Catering Team of the RNLYC for the excellent services provided.

And Well done volunteers who provided assistance for smooth craning after the regatta.

The return of the Ernst Moltzer Trophy in Muiden was celebrated with a traditional Dragon Dinner in the evening sun at the terrasse of the RNLYC. Life is sometimes hard for a Dragon Sailor and supporters of the class……