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29 July 2018 om 20:09

During a 3-Day Regatte with a total of 5 races, NED 185, sailed by Rob Dekeukeliere, Louis Keulemans and Frits Dekeukeleire showed their skills in an all classic Dragon fleet.

The mixed crew of NED 160 ( Philip de Koning Gans, Ferrie de Vries, Jessica de Boer, Youri Laamens, Inky Lampe and Evert Kroll) took it easy and sailed only 3 of 5 races, since it is also a holiday for the crew and their present families.

Rob, Ferrie and Philip as restorers of the NED 160 were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the participating traditional wooden Dragons from Austria, Switserland and Germany.The majority in shining varnish. How nice to see all those wooden beauties on the shore and on the water. The national Dragon Associations and the IDA should do more to stimulate the preservation of the traditional Dragons. Perhaps a special prize during the 75 th Dragon Gold Cup event in 2019…..

The races were the ‘Tune Up” for the 4th Deloitte Dragon Classic Regatte to be sailed from 30 July – 2 August at the Wolfgangsee as well.
The races learned us a lot about the wind shifts and local doldrums at the lake. But once the Brunnenwind starts to blow after 14:00 hrs, the tracks are more predictable and more easy to read. Like Gerd Mueller, our German Dragon friend, informed us: go as close as possible to the ‘ Steinwand’ to take advantage of substantial lifts.It was the anticipated lift for the NED 185 to arrive as first Dragon on the finish during the 5th race.

 NED 185 lifting to its maximim very close to the ‘Steinwand’

The race on the 29th was also the race for the club championship of the UYC Wolfgangsee, sailed on SW.
NED 185 scored line honors during this race among the 13 participating Dragons and delivered an impressive 8th place overall in a fleet of 54 boats. From over 100 year old ‘Sondern Class’ racers, Olympia Jollen, Dragons, traditional lake beauties and several modern yachts.

The hospitality of the crew at UYC Wolfgangsee and the smooth handling of the races by the committee were impressive as well. All participating Dragon crews received a special bottle of the club prime wine with a Dragon etiquette. The prize winners a wine cooler with inscription.

It proves again that the soul of Dragon sailing and the stimulation of sailing many other traditional classes, lies at the heart of club racing.

As Dutch Dragon teams we are looking forward to racing at Wolfgangsee again during the coming week.

 NED 160 down wind at Wolfgangsee