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22 August 2018 om 14:00

Since 1937 the RNLYC organises the Flevo Race. A combination of long distance races and short track races for several categories yachts and classes. The Dragon Class participated over 40 years in this traditional regatta. The ambition dropped during the ’80-s’ when a Dragon Round tour became the annual circus.

With a fleet of some 20 Dragons in Muiden in 2018, the Dragon sailors of the RNLYC were given the challenge to participate again and join other classes like Lemsteraken (VA’s and VB’s) , IRC’s and Classic yachts ( 8mtr class, 6 mtr class, ‘old wood ‘ like the fully restored ‘Vrijheid’ of former Dragon sailor Jan Geesink.


Vrijheid’ the boat that was model for the news paper strip (1950- 1960) De Avonturen van Kapitein Rob.

The Dragons were scheduled to sail during two (of three) days an up & down course. More or less the same tracks as the  ‘Aken’ and classic yachts. It was impressive to see this fleet of traditional Dutch yachts sailing down wind at about 10 knots with all sails set. And how nice to see them side by side during day 1, waiting in the doldrums of the IJsselmeer for wind that did not arrive until late afternoon.

   VA class

Unfortunately the holiday season and the intensive international sailing programme for the Dragons allowed only six Dragon teams to join the Flevo Race 2018. But it was a fine select group of ‘routiniers’.

NED 345, sailed by Reinier Wissenraet, Marc Reijnhoudt and Daan Goedkoop became the overall winner. NED 345 performed well on Saturday, with the runners up NED 432 and NED 247 getting closer. On Sunday Dragon ‘senior’ Guus de Groot joined the crew of NED 247, claiming 2x 1. NED 432 helmed by Michiel van Dis with Richard Blickman as middle man for two days, consolidated a solid second place.

As Richard said:”Being a crew member is hard work “. A compliment to all middle men and ‘fore deckers’.

  Steigerbier offered by Michiel van Dis & co

The Flevo Race will most likely be proposed for the 2019 Event Calendar as well. We aim to see more boats at the start in 2019.