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25 November 2018 om 21:12

It was cold, humid and a bit windy with increasing swell at the IJsselmeer at the end of November. With a wind chill the temperature felt like – 3 C. Fortunately the water temperature was still acceptable, so the overcoming spray did not freeze straight away.

Three courageous Dragon teams (NED 390, 398 and 432) and two J-70 teams reported at the single handed committee Rib close to the Muiden shore to sail a total of four short track races with two ups and two downs. Thank you Elmar Pigeaud for managing the races of those die hards.

NED 398 called it a day after Race 3 and returned to the warm Pampusbar of the RNLYC, since their tactic to push other competitors out of the starting line did not result in serious penalties. They did not bring their red protest flag!

This will be different on 9 December when the 3rd series will be sailed, subject to permitting weather conditions.

NED 390 is now the leader overall for the participating Dragons. We hope to see more Dragons at the line of this series which will remind you of a nice day out skating.