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Only automatic activation of electric bilge pumps

28 January 2019 om 23:31


It has been brought to the attention of the IDA Technical Committee that some competitors at the recent World Championship in Fremantle used height adjustable float switches to control the electrical bilge pump(s). The TC would like to make clear that this does not comply with the intention of CR 2.193 which is to exclude any pro-active management of bilge water by using electrical bilge pumps. Electrical bilge pumps are allowed for safety reasons and must be connected to the batteries at all times and shall not be operated manually by switches of any kind. For the avoidance of doubt the TC therefore wishes to clarify that the word automatic in CR 2.193 applies to both integral and floating switches and that the word only prohibits any form of additional control. With immediate effect competitors, measurers and juries are requested to consider the above as the TC’s interpretation of CR 2.193.