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Winterseries @ Royal Netherlands YC

11 February 2019 om 09:56

The Dutch weather during the scheduled days for the winter series in Muiden was not really cooperating. Around noon on Sunday it was calm, dry and reasonable with 7 C, however it was in between two frontal systems that brought lots of wind and rain. So another day cancelled.

At the same time NED 432 send us some promotion material for Villamoura, where they were training with Pedro Andrade.

May be we must start a training programme as Dutch Dragon Association for promising Dutch teams to allow them to train during the winter in Vilamoura ?

Due to several excuses (Dusseldorf Boot, Skying at -20C or just too cold…) only two boats were present on 20 Januari. NED 398 even short handed.
The boats had to leave the crane / mooring by paddling through thin ice.

A video of this operation on board NED 432 is published at YouTube

After three weekends with too much wind, the weekend of 19/20 January was perfect for winter sailing. Due to Düsseldorf Boot, repairs Villamoora and other excuses (too cold?? or skying at - 20 C ?) only NED 432 ( Micule van Dis, Wouter van Dis and Jeroen Burks) and NED 398 ( Rob Dekeukeleire and Evert Kroll) went to the local short racing area, lead by Elmer Pigeaud and one of his juniors.
It was fresh but lovely.
 At WhtasApp 'Winterseries Muiden' a video can be seen by Wouter van Dis where Jeroen Burks paddles the NED 432 like an ice breaker through thin ice to open water.
BRAVO you Dare Devils ! That's the real Viking spirit.