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1 April 2019 om 07:44

What does a Dragon sailor require more at the start of the season?
The weather was lovely with blue skies and temperatures reaching 18 degrees, however hardly any wind at the start of day one. The first three race on Saturday were delayed and sailing went on until sunset, which was a nice gesture towards the seven non-Dutch teams who joined this first serie.

On Sunday 31 March and the clock at summer time the skies started a bit gray with a light breeze Bf 3, increasing to a good breeze Bf 4 in the afternoon when the sun broke through. It was not the lucky day for Dutch Class president Klaas and his team. During a gibe under spi after the upwind mark the soft shackle of this back stay got loose, resulting in the mast to jump forward like a mast in the Star class and to break at deck level.

It is known that soft shackles wear out. And that stainless steel fittings of stays and runners need to be taped. Perhaps and advise for the whole fleet to check the quality of those vulnerable parts and if needed to secure those fittings with duck tape.

It also is good advise to have an anchor on board in case of such a calamity.

NED 390 at anchor waiting for the salvage boat

The class rules state:

11.10  The following equipment shall be on board while racing:

An anchor of not less than 10kg, or an anchor of not less than 5kg with chain so that the combined weight at anchor and chain is not less than 10kg. The anchor shall be of a recognised pattern.

One length of anchor rope of not less than 30m, weighing not less than 3kg in dry condition.

In the mean time the Dragons and Solings enjoyed three fantastic races. The Westeinder lake was gradually building up some small chop and typical gust lanes could be observed. It was a day for those who can read the wind. The skill is definitely on board NED 422, who also had the advantage of sailing in their home waters. They were the winners of the serie.

NED 275 became second with BEL 79 third.

The winners with NDC Race Coordinator Daan Goedkoop and the WZW Race Officer Herman van der Meyden
NED 1 leading the fleet in race 5 and became 5th overall behind GBR 408
As always: also full battle stations in the back of the fleet
This serie of four photos shows the start of race six.
NED 22 (team Robin de Jong) started at pin end in clear air, however a few seconds later than the cloud at the RC-boat. Robin started at full speed and reached a good wind lane on the left side. After his first tack he was ahead of the fleet. The boat that started in the middle tacked too soon and had to re-tack due to a port/starboard.
Another observation from the top deck: Starting lines tend to take the form of a banana.

Looking forward to seeing more Dragons next weekend Saturday and Sunday 6 – 7 April.