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TEAM NED 422 wins Grand Prix Aalsmeer. BEL 79 2nd

23 April 2019 om 07:13

Jan, Olivier and Dominic Bakker sailed an impressive final (3rd) serie at Westeinder Lake during Easter to claim the first Grand Prix 2019 in The Netherlands.

NED 422 (with spi NED 016) leading the runners up on the down wind

With a total op 27 participants from 5 different countries this annual ‘start of the season’ Grade 2 event in NW Europe was a great succes. Also because the weather was much better than we normally experience during early spring in Holland. The ‘ blocking high’ over Scandinavia brought us the warm air from the easterly Med with temperatures reaching 26 C in the afternoon. Including a thermal wind blowing from the ENE with 12 – 14 knots. But also days with very light oscillating air which was rather difficult to deal with.

Close battles between NED 422 and BEL 79 from the start

A total of 21 races were sailed during this Grade 2 event over 7 days. The fleet behaved quite well under the skilled lead of the Westeinder Race committee. With their experience to deal with substantial fleets of Finns, Lasers and 49-ers this team is used to keep the momentum going.

Apart from great sailing, the logistic and social part was also very well taken care of. We applauded for all volunteers of the WV Aalsmeer and WZW who helped to facilitate the event and we are very grateful that members of this fine club allowed us to use their grounds and facilities during many years at the beginning of the season.

Dutch national Secretary Philip de Koning presents Jan Bakker the silver Cor Groot cup. A silver cup from 1937 that is one of the oldes cups of the Dutch Dragon class. Especially for races of the class at the Westeinder lake.

Applause as well for the winners of the 3rd serie and the overall prize (NED 422) and for BEL 79 with Alex Helsen, Dries van Abbeele and Floris Mortlemans for winning the 2nd prize of this Grade 2 event.
The 3rd prize went to GBR 408 sailed by Dmitri Bondarenko, Denis Berezkin and Viacheslav Varnachkin.

Team NED 422
Team BEL 79

Team GBR 408 from Estonia / Russia

Team BEL 80 with Ben van Cauwenbergh, Nadia Deferm and Anne Vanneste sailed very well with a second place during serie 3. Would Ben have sailed the 1st serie as well then he would most certainly have been candidate for the overall prizes. The same applies for team GBR 770 of the Brown family.

A less fortunate team was NED 390 with Dutch Dragon Class president Klaas Ruigewaard, the new Treasurer of the Dutch class Erik Groot and Sicco Hoogerbeets. NED 390 had a back stay issue due to a disengaging soft shackle resulting in three races DNC. After his win of the first race on Easter Sunday Klaas was back in the winning mood, however an UFD in the last race did not help his overall score.

Klaas (NED 390) with a big smile after his win on Easter Sunday

The final team that was put in the lime light was NED 1 of Ronald Pfeiffer. During the 3rd series Ronald introduced his grandson Joost (Opti-Sailor of 9 year old) as crew member with his two sons. Joost is the 4th generation of the Pfeiffer family to sail the Dragon in line with his Great-Grandfather ‘King’ Pfeiffer, who was one of the legends of the class during the early years in Holland with his H-1 Conincskint.

Joost Pfeiffer babtised as the youngest member of the Dutch Class by president Klaas Ruigewaard in the form of a Dragon cap.

Results of the 3rd (Easter) serie (Race 13 – 21)

During the Easter races the original H 39 (De Vries Lentsch 1940) , restored and sailed by Jan Koppen, showed pridefully that she also is fast