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TC verslag van de IDA AGM 2019

2 December 2019 om 20:43

Het recent verschenen volledige verslag van de IDA AGM geeft enkele interessante punten van de TC over elektrische bilgepompen, drijfvermogen, minimumgewicht van Draken van 1955 en eerder en de onmogelijkheid om GPS aan boord via App’s te controleren en de consequenties daarvan.

1/ Electrische bilgepompen zijn er voor de veiligheid. Niet om het gewicht van de boot te manipuleren.

Following the World Championship in Australia, where some competitors used systems which enabled the crew to manually adjust the level at which electrical bilge pumps switched on and off during racing, the TC was asked to clarify its interpretation of rule 2.193. We published a statement, making clear that electrical bilge pumps are allowed for safety purposes but not to pro-actively manage the amount of bilge water in the boat. We also propose further revision of the wording of CR 2.193 to remove any ambiguity.

2/ Dragon Safety Task Force: extra drijfvermogen in Draken

In response to several incidents of sinking or near sinking of modern Dragons, the TC formed a sub-committee to evaluate measures which could be undertaken to reduce or eliminate the risk of sinking. The sub-committee, which is chaired by Ron James and includes several boat builders, has reviewed the recent incidents and evaluated a series of measures which could enhance the safety of Dragons in case of capsize.

The Solution of Choice. 

The only suggestion that meets all the criteria is deployable buoyancy bags housed inside the stern tank, and very probably also in the bow tank. These bags would normally be deflated but would be inflated when needed by compressed air contained in a small cylinder. This technology is available and used, for example, in life rafts for cruising yachts. The bags would have to be firmly attached to the hull of the Dragon. Being normally deflated, the bags would not interfere with existing control lines or fittings such as the rudder tube in the stern tank or furler or spinnaker tube in the bow tank. The big advantage of this solution is that it is easy to fit and equally applicable to new build and existing boats, including those older Dragons without any bulkheads. Also, it will not alter the outward appearance of the Dragon.

Airbags for Dragons ?

3/ Minimum Weight for Classic Dragons

In the course of a renovation of a classic Dragon originally built in 1955, it became apparent that at that time the CR’s did not prescribe a minimum weight. (CR 10.11 was only introduced in 1956). Given the importance of boat weight for performance of a Dragon, the TC is of the view that all Dragons, no matter when they were built, should comply with the minimum weight stipulated in CR 10.11. We therefore propose an amendment to CR 1.61 to this effect. 

De Oranje (NED 160) met extra lood op juiste minimumgewicht

4/ GPS policy

In the run up to the AGM, the Owners Committee has approached the TC to review again its position with regard to the use of GPS during racing. Current Class Rules do not allow the use of GPS during racing. Any team using GPS enabled devices is infringing Class Rules and should be disqualified. However, with the advance of technology and the availability of GPS driven Navigation Apps in watches and mobile phones it has become impossible to police this rule.  The TC is therefore prepared to revise Class Rules to allow GPS on board, if the IDA wishes to change the policy. We, however, require some time to analyse which type of instruments should be allowed and what the cost impact of any amendment would be.

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